Best regards, I listened to Radio Lux while stationed at RAF High Wycombe with the USAF European Weather Central and from RAF Croughton from 1970 - 1973. Norway (25/09/2000). Do you know the name of the tune and the orchestra playing it? who did'nt listen under the bedclothes eh? Install the free Online Radio Box app for your smartphone and listen to your favorite radio stations online - wherever you are! Colindale (London) (22/09/2005). I just re-visited your site again. Just wanted to say what a nice web site.I am from GREECE,but i have never listened to Radio Lux.I wish i did. 1 maart 1948 (!!) It became a big part of my teenage life. 24. Considering what that incident did to me, it's hardly surprising I had almost forgotten it! Simon Growcott 21. Radio Luxembourg should have returned as the station it always has been at its demise in 92 ie a pop/rock and entertainment format,with satellite relay via sky and freesat on eurobird1's european S1 beam at 28.5degE,cable all over the UK and Europe,DAB in the UK and online. Dat blijven fantastische herinneringen. 678. I hear now from the satellite astra 19 degrees aest in the german talk. Popular Genres. 626. Sadly, he resigned on 20 April 1980, handing over in a joined show to his Mi Amigo mate Peter van Dam. to 208 and trying to decide what frequency to put Swinging Radio England on. En nog even naar RTL mogen luisteren via de kabel in stereo.. 437. She was also a manager from electrola in koln in Germany. I will always remember Radio Luxy as radiostation with: wonderful music, very interesting jingles and great D.J. Jerry Burns 844. If you want to hear more - email me. I still feel kind of honored to live in the homeland of 208! Australia (27/06/2000). Groton, MA USA (24/09/2005). 's like Alan Freeman, Sam Costa, Barry Alldis, Jimmy Savile and Jimmy Young. Sports. Fergie & LMFAO - Gettin' Over You, Dr. Hook - When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman (12'Mix) (Slayd5000). My best wishes to everyone. Gerry Ellis R.Lux-my childhood. Strasbourg France (26/03/2005). I also remember there have been Italian transmissions from the Luxembourg transmi I was looking for something on the Music In Luxembourg for a project on Francophone countries. Great - So many things I had forgotten or thought I would never hear again. AFN would not play songs like Yummy, Yummy, Yummy because of it's imagined references to teenage pregnancy and they would not play Lucy In Disguise With Diamonds because of imagined drug references. All the best and thank you for making life bearable for this Canadian. Then a tape with a programme from London was running. before they dropped SW. This is a long shot, but I wondered if there were any searchable Radio to pick up DRM.RTL should not forget the fact,that in these days there are other Jennifer Venville Nicol Vancouver, Canada (29/08/2004). 11 (16) It's So Easy (Andy Williams) Is there any way one 565. how I wish I could return to those days. 766. Rome, GA, USA (02/02/2010). Eivind Jul Wibe Fiksdal uitstekende ontvangst gaf in Rotterdam. Jane Sullivan Chris Dowsett, Preston, UK (08/09/2008). My father let me use a few trees in the yard and that made the trick. Fettercairn, Scotland (14/01/2007). Simon King 686. And does anybody know if there are some jingles left from the 'Nederlandsche TOP 50' on sundays before the English program started? 105. Thats when radio was truly fun and still had a magical quality about it. Rochester NY USA (22/06/2001). Look forward to hearing from any fans! More than 2 years on the air, and still no commercials - the lady, both DJ, secretary and moderator, obviously didn't like such a thing as commercials! in the 60s and 70s, especially the Top Twenty on sunday nights. Ekehjelmsvag 8 SE-69133 Karlskoga Zweden 12/06/2003). It was also very nice to find your pages concerning Radio Veronica and RNI. I first heard of Luxy in 2004 when dad told me everything he knew about Radio Luxembourg so i found some online archives to listen to the old tapes. Great site. 215. 658. In the engineer's room stood a small mixing console, two turntables and three taperecorders. Stu Reid Last listened on Wed 30/12/1992. as well. John E Williams Blackpool, England, UK (11/04/2010), 763. Mirza 197. Great site,plenty to read. page? Dear All, Mike Soho London (25/01/2006). The song was a ballad with a fairly long guitar solo, and included the In 1963 I heard the Beatles at RTL for the first time and since that time I'm a Beatlesfreak. USA (04/03/2001). Great to relive the memories from the early 1970s when stationed with the Great US Army in Germany. Anderson, Indiana, US (28/01/2004). 755. 178. I worked with Stuart Henry on Radio Scotland in the 60s and I spent Btonyterenye, Hungary (09/01/2010). Blackhill (3/12/2001). Shoreham-by-Sea (06/09/2002). Geoff Margetts, Frankfurt, Germany (11/09/2000). Wish I could turn the clock back and do it all over again. Do you know if it is possible to get a copy of the track? David Barrett Delata, Canada (23/11/2004). Benny Brown 615. Bart Im looking for tapes or cds with old 208 radioshows end50/60th? Hakan Almroth Karlskrona, Sweden (28/05/2004). Fanastic. Miklos Kovacs Jirka Bulant Woody Woodward Thats what I needed. Thanks for the memories!! 1 (9) Tears Of A Clown (S.Robinson & Mir.) 435). Do you know if this was a step-up in power or a change of antenna? 66. Bob Walker 255. Kr.Bakkensvei 21B.N- 2316 Hamar, Norway (8/05/2000). So glad to hear that Radio 208 is back on the air. complete segment! Buy online. It would be fantastic to have links to all these weekly charts. Greetings from Portugal! Edmonton, Canada (21/10/2008). RTL ,incontournable sur les ondes, toujours l'coute du 1440! What a great journey into the past. The Swedish Boradcastiong refused to broadcast it so Radio Luxemburg did and my fathers Company Advertised during that Boxing Match. I was on 208 1986-88. 469. Grzegorz Boba Australia (02/03/2007). A BRILLIANT site thanks for the effort in putting it all together! Dag Dick, American Army back then and, AFN which was the other english speaking radio 361. I am doing a little resarsh on the people that worked there, and made the station to the best. Athens,Greece (10/06/2005). Northampton (01/06/2006). Leeds (11/08/2000). 553. You are the best. it never ceases to cheer my memories. 673. Australia (26/10/1999). Your site is for me happy memories and sentimental journey to the wonderful time when I was young. This is my favourite site! Crum Lynne, PA, USA (16/03/2007). Sunday December 29, 1991 (now twenty years ago) was a very sad day for all the true Radio Luxembourg Radio Luxembourg was the only station I ever spent much time listening to but I stopped in about 1970, possibly earlier. Stephen Haugh Radio Luxembourg Muff Murfin 1990s 30 Second Jingle Mix. Best Along the way, people like Roger Moffat, Pete Murray, Keith Fordyce, Don Wardell, David Gell, Barry Alldis, Paul Burnett, Tony Prince, Bob Stewart, Peter Anthony & Shaun Tilley presented it. foutjes op, maareen kniesoor die daar Thank you for initiating such a wonderful tribute site to enable us to keep these golden memories for ever. Stephen Haugh It's been great reading about Radio Luxembourg and the comments of people all over the world who loved the station as well. Just found it today online and have been listening for the past few hours. 59. ja. radio luxembourg power playlist . I remember the studio being on the first floor. Astrid It was wonderful to be During daylight (RTL) it was in German language and during the night after midnight it was changed in the English language. Hans Werner Finking Nottingham, England (21/11/2011). I would retire to bed at night 10 years old (1969) and listen to a little transistor radio tucked under my Pillow. Warsaw (23/11/2000). Please click "I agree" to ensure that you'll have the best experience of using our website. I listened in 1977-1983 and the best music listened from them. LASSON, France (23/12/2009). As a teenager, it was because of Radio Veronica that I started to take an interest in your country, and to try to learn something of the Dutch language. Does anyone have any information about Moffat? I remember hearing this beautiful melody(luxembourg waltz) flowing from the wireless and it stuck with me.I would havw being about 7. Kirk Arnott I like too much this web. Manu What wonderful times. a brilliant site. 831. London, England (04/08/2008). 177. Wayne Philip Morgan I try to collect them all as Radio Luxembourgs songs :) Pinerolo, Italy (18/12/2010). Thanks so much for the memories.. Preferred radio stations and music genres, user's Favorites, stations reviews and many other services need your personal data processing. Simon McConway Radio C Luxembourg - Playlist - Radio C Luxembourg The Fire Still Burns (The Making Of) Russ Ballard Radio C Luxembourg Alternative Music and Classic Hits Player Debug resumeAudio C mobile player enabled pushFeed = INITIALIZE1677373694262 [object Object] newFeedReading = REITERATE - 1677373694264 I also have many good memories of Radio Luxemburg. Thanks, Dick! 543. It was always a childhood dream of mine to be a DJ on 208, I never made it, but it's was such an inspiration to me. 311. This is something it wont happen again Ik heb daarna nog wel naar de Duitse uitzendingen geluisterd maar eigenlijk was dit niet meer echt hetzelfde. Wuppertal/Germany (28/04/2002). I cannot believe the NME chart of June 66 - did we really have all those amazing hits - still classics of today - all in ONE months chart !!! Thankx for your website. Below is the playlist of recordings used in the very last Top Twenty based on sheet music chart: 1 Little Donkey Beverly Sisters Decca Wow,brought a tear to my eye listening to your clips.Shaw Taylor lives down the road and i didnt realise he was a grand duchy man!I particularly remember listening to Nathan Jones late at night fading in and out.Bring back The Great 208 yee ha!! Used to love listening to Gracie Fields on Radio Lux. Back in the day when an office actually had "decor", and everyone had their own desk (they're even socially distanced!). J.Bennink Many nights I took an old headphone to listen to the program Parduotuv (+372) 6 444 045. Hugh McCabe Wonderful site, I have many happy memories of listening to Luxy in the 70's. Alastair Gray I'm 57. Tony Prince became more familier with us by keeping contact with our DX-magazine at that time. 122. Especially as I was struggling with only basic French at the time. Montreal (Canada) (11/02/2001). stronger and indeed become listenable. Juul Geleick Hilversum (21/07/1998). 836. FANTASTIC!! Herbert Pjede Krakow, Poland (09/04/2006). Toronto, Canada (16/7/1999). 813. You know, as soon as I hear first accords of those times songs at present My name is Alex and I'm from Belgrade, Serbia. Making the world more beautiful then. (gesponsord door Purol zalf). It was like escaping to another world. I used to listen to the Tele-Luxembourg provides a first-class television service to an ever-increasing number of viewers. I was stationed in the Armed Forces in northern France in the early sixties. Viv Dibbert 367. In the summer of 1964 we received orders back to England, I almost felt I was returning home. (NB. This is pure nostalgia.. what a brilliant site.. well done :-) Tonight I have relived my teens.. oh happy days.. As the curtain opened, I distinctly remember some of the 'cool' young things in the audience sniggering at us because we all had glasses (that was our 'look'). But the greatest thrill of all was to go exploring on Medium Wave in front of the warm glow of the slide rule dial on the Balmet. Any more votes out there for the rock and roll hall of fame?! I listened also every evening (19:00 - 19:30, I think?) His name was Tommy or Robbie. 456. ), and previously a financial analyst for 10 years (including models of pricing of derivative products), I help organizations creating value from data: insights, data sourcing, marketing (customer segmentation, predictive model of churn / appetite / . Your website has brought me back fondest memories of the days of Radio Luxembourg. Sweden (06/06/2003). It wasnt hi-fi of course. Hi!great site Dick Keep the faith as they say. I need examples as aired. I was listening 208 many nights in the 60s and 70s while living in Moscow, USSR Tetbury Glos UK (27/06/2006). Jeff Martin Hip Hop. 251. 10 very happy years that all came flooding back as I read the many guestbook entries. 482. Pieter Meulendijks The commercial ads I am looking forward to get in touch with you. 504. in 70 s i ve listend everyday r. luxemburg 208 it was my youth age in high school for me from east block it was the luciest time to listen now i m 43 and i remember a song in 75 (LOOK ET CALIFORNIA.) 356. volgen, uiteindelijk zijn we beiden Fantastic and very important for the radio-history your web site about R.L. Ap Hak Italy/Prato (10/02/2001). I wish that I had a 1 for every time I listened to that song whilst working the night shift! I'm searching for archive footage of my father singing on opportunity knocks in 1962can you give me advice on where to start looking? Heb vanaf 1977 Please help? Luxy was brilliant. 16 (-) Love Is Life (Hot Chocolate) Ja ik heb eind zestiger en zeventiger jaren ook geluisterd,op m'n philips EE-bouwdoos,en de Philips Bi-Ampli in de huiskamer, later via 97Mhz na 01.00 nachts. I discovered this radio almost by accident, tunning AM instead of FM. I remember buying my very first transistor radio in the late 60's and tuning into Radio Luxembourg every night, underneath the sheets. I have great memories of shows 1959 onwards. Robert Hewarth down - and out of those in the pub, only myself and a guy from the middle of a tiny Thank You! Marco Barsotti So 'Keep in touch with the Dutch' is still true. Great and spectacular website. 740. Regards George Phil Crosby 107. Jim Started: "Maybe tomorrow will find the sun shining, warming the hearts of our children again." Nizhniy Nowgorod, Russia (24/06/2003). was looking for Top Twenty from the past. Louisiana (18/11/2001). Keep up the good work on this website. This website is fantastic! Bob Stewart show me around together with Mike Oldies, I took som picture from the studio. Great Days! Luxembourg was a lifesaver in the sixties, when the BBC had the monopoly on broadcasting. Elvis (The King), Billy Fury, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Everly Brothers, Rickie Nelson, The Beatles (of course) and many more! 283. Flemming Myrup Den Haag, Holland (11/01/2005). I`m terribly happy to may listen to you again not only at 1440 a.m. in the night. Lchgau/Germany (10/11/2000). Of course the other DJ's were great too Much better songs as I was never a BEatles and those other shouting Brits.I prefer American artists. Czech rep. (04/10/2009). 18. 809. He was tall, six foot four, and originally came from Dorset. 208! Good luck! I'm sure she would be a beautiful enhancement to your site. Piano" Henderson Pye 12 (19) Mr.President (Dozy, Beachy, Mich & T) Still well remember the night I first listened to the Sunday Top Twenty and was amazed to hear that "Trudy" was top of the pops- but that was the days when SHEET music accounted for popularity! Good job! a long afternoon at 38 Hertford Street (208 London Studio's) In the D.J. I have a pile of those from the late 60's somewhere in the basement. Many great memories firstly as a listener and then secondly I had the great honour of being one of the jocks based in The Grand Duchy for three wonderfully happy years. 219. Ron O'Quinn Hello Dick: Just downloaded t Top Twenty shows. Radio Luxembourg went the way of all things and passed on eventually, and it turns out no-one kept a record of their charts. Hi - what a great site. from the 60's to trade or sell? Great memories! On the night of Monday July, 17 1967, at 23.00 hours, for the first time Leen van Dongen and I arrived at the Luxembourg studio's; invited by Colin Nichol. It was called a "magic eye" and it would expand and contract as Fab 208 faded in and out. It was great listening to music being played It brings back a lot of good memories as I listened regularly in my teens back in the 60's. The Powerplay was there before I joined the radio station in 1974 but it was regarded in the business as an important promotion for a release - as important as getting on the Radio 1 playlist. One of my favouritesongs was sung by DJ Chris Cary, One Woman Man, but unfortunately I never found it in the recordshops. 208 Radio Luxembourg was a part of my life, when I was a young boy, now I'm 58 and having a new homepage about Buddy Holly in English and German, I wrote something on it about 208. Philip Bendall Auckland, New Zealand (20/09/2004). If you face the Hilton on Hyde Park, Hertford St runs down the I have tried to find his records, but have 0. 16 The Little white bull Tommy Steele Decca Gracias. Putting together all those memories on my own Luxemburg program. 824. I was a keen listener 1974 - 1978 and I remember a magic evening i Brighton august-76 when I had the pleasure to see Mr Bob Stewart as guest DJ at one of the discos there. Thanks for the memories the site is great. Tks again and wish you all the best eens tevergeefs een antwoord heb pogen te krijgen. Jimmy Saville should be Jimmy Savile 116. That time I met Roberto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (04/04/2001). Bob Skene So it was a very special moment for me. Perhaps, this is a temporary station problem. I was a teenager in the sixties (born in 1946), and with my friends and school mates we tried to fine-tuning the old Philips made radio with the green eye,yes, and we built wire antennas to improve the sound quality. It took a couple of days to search by mom's on the dial until I found it, and what a discovery it was! I managed to get a t-shirt All the very best for the future. 384. This is a GREAT site-- thanks! De 208 was een ander verhaal, veel fading en na 08.30 uur in de ochtend Warmond, Holland (12/01/2005). John Sturdy I started to listen to Luxy in the late 70's, and carried on listening until the last day on Satellite. I was one of the lucky ones who worked at Luxy during the 70s. Sir Jimmys body will be taken to the Queens Hotel in his home town of Leeds on Tuesday so well-wishers can say goodbye to him ahead of a Requiem Mass in the city the day after - Wednesday November 9. 1963. te bezoeken en hoe het kwam dat je studio kon bezoeken. 751. Anybody remember the Fab 208 magazine? Keep up the good work. My favourite show was of course Sunday's Top Twenty with " Your DJ BA" sponsored by Mr Horace Batchelor in Kaynsham spelt Kaynsham Middlesex. Great site,Does anyone know if there are Als vervanging luister ik nu dagelijks naar Radio 10 Gold. Magic memories of listening to it drifting in an out on crystal sets and trannies. Thanks to everyone who has written in with their kind comments and fabulous memories of those days long ago. Ferry Blokzyl I really enjoyed your website. Dublin, Ireland (21/08/2000). Was looking for radio luxembourg present day but cool site man! Puyallup, WA USA (22/04/2002). At night I used to steal my mother's little plastic AM radio, the type with the small simple tuning control the same size as the volume control and then try and tune in Radio Luxembourg 1440khz. Hi Dick, I was surfing for some info on Radio Normandie in the 1950s and came across your greatsite by accident. 308. Regards Zagreb, Croatia (04/05/2005). US stations were'nt playing European music yet, (except big bands, movie themes and Lonnie Donnigan), so this is where I got my Rock and Roll. The Shadows show and Billy Fury and The Would you tell me how can I get some information? zat immers ook in In 1957 when we lived in Birmingham, my but there were times when it would grow in meinen memorys schwelgen, aber es wre wohl fr die meisten zu langweilig. Bora Kristian Rasmussen That is why we listened to Radio Luxembourg. Fantastic tribute to the great 208. H.D. Richard Green I was Jimmy will be buried the following day in the North Yorkshire seaside resort of Scarborough, which he loved and where he also had a flat overlooking the North Sea. I used to listen to Luxembourg in North posted but there was a lot of inteference from other stations. Nowadays you can hear originals as well as covers of those hit songs. MANY THANKS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Arlon, Belgium (03/05/2012). By the way your site didn't mention Ernie Williams (known in Australia as Poland (01/02/2004). Habe bei BFBS dem Tommy Vance regelmig gehrt und liebe Radio ber alles. Jerzy Grzadka The signal music of the Battle of the Giants was great! Can you send me by e-mail old Radio Luxemburg charts (1958-1980) or URL adress