Ex est bundle LP / t-shirt


Ex est artwork by Comaworkx, printed on Gildan heavy cotton

Ggu:ll - Ex Est lp on green marble
Released by Consouling Sounds, October 2022

Building on our previous album: Dwaling, Ex Est moves away from the conceptual approach. Musically more aggressive and explosive than its predecessor, the songwriting has developed towards a more stand-alone song approach. It has been a burdened journey, exploring new ground, creating new storms and trying to find a safe harbor on wild seas. In seven tracks, they present a wide spectrum of heavy music. Shifting from blackened doom, to heavy psychedelica back to noise infused torture drones.
The album title ‘Ex Est’ refers to the state after being. The realization that all that is, will someday not be. All is doomed to end up as a ruin of itself. Herein lies the search for meaning in existence, despite the realization that life itself is meaningless. Artist Manuel Tinnemans visualized this theme in the exclusive cover art accompanying this release.


  1. Raupe
  2. Falter
  3. Enkel achterland
  4. Samt al-ras
  5. Stuip
  6. Hoisting ruined sails
  7. Voertuig der verlorenen