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Samhain 2023

Come October 29th we’ll be sharing the stage with Mysticum, Godflesh, Katatonia, (DOLCH), etc. at Samhain Festival in Maastricht. Hope to see you there…

Ggu:ll and Terzij de Horde present ‘Van Grond’: their collaborative 10” on Consouling Sounds

The collaboration between Ggu:ll and Terzij de Horde is a story of deep mutual respect, musical connection and a desire to create and change.
Composition frequently begins with a melody, riff, or hook. Both bands were recording at the same time, at one point only owning the foundation upon which all other instruments needed to be built. What if they made something new out of the drum track of one another’s song?
This new method required the bands to work in a different manner. Transitions that are interpreted differently. Melodies are elicited by drum fills. Tempo changes, which sound natural in the original context, become stumbling blocks to overcome. This brought the artists all together at a time when it was difficult to connect. The bands were honored to present this collaboration during a one-time performance at the Roadburn Festival 2022.
A side:
1. Cheiron
2. Poison Arrow*
B side:
3. Falter
4. A Robe of Words*
*previously unreleased

For the artwork we asked German artist and mutual friend Nebil ( A Rhesus Positiv ) if he could capture our musical experiment in a painting. Here is what he has to say about to process of making these pieces of art:
“As I progressed as a painter in recent years, an unexpected element that is normally not associated with working in solitude turned out to be of my increasing interest in collaboration. The opportunity occurred to pledge fealty to two of my favorite Dutch bands.
During the months of production, working on several studies and paintings, I was heavily influenced by the visual and narrative quality of Dreyer, Murnau and Maya Deren’s work. „The Passion of Joan of Arc“, „Vampyr“ and „Meshes of the Afternoon“ were and still are artistic strongholds, especially in regard to the live visuals we produced for the collaborative performance at Roadburn 2022.
Culled from this overload of information, a visualisation of forms that exist somewhere in between the abstract and the figurative evolved. At the time this seemed as an appropriate characterization of the band’s collaboration output. A combination of figurative painting, trivial and stylized branch structures are the visual language I ended up with. In regards to this rather eclectic and intuitive approach –idiotic ideas sometimes do work, if we take them seriously.”
“There is no I in team but there is no you in dictatorship.”
Alan Moore
‘Van Grond’ a collaboration EP by Terzij de Horderde and Ggu:ll doom will be released at #Recordstoreday, April 22nd 2023, via Consouling Sounds as a 10 inch vinyl.

Ggu:ll and Terzij de Horde present ‘Van Grond’ at Roadburn’s OFFROAD

flyer offroadburn

Three years ago we shared an idea, last year we were able to perform it at Roadburn, this year we release it. This Record Store Day, Saturday the 22nd, Ggu:ll and Terzij de Horde will present Van Grond: their collaboration 10” on Consouling Sounds and a collaboration dark lager. To celebrate the occasion, we both will play an intimate show at our favourite OFFROAD spots during Roadburn this year; Kaffee Buitenbeentje (GGU:LL at 5PM) and LOC brewery (Ter zij de horde at 8PM)! Be there.

Headbanger’s Bash


April starts in Amersfoort at this years Headbangers Bash! This will be an awesome night with great bands such as Asphyx and Terzij de Horde AO.

Little Devil show reviewed

Never Mind The Hype was present at our Little Devil show and wrote some nice words about this year-ending-evening. Cheers to 2023!

Review here

Little Devil News item

It’s time to bring ‘Ex Est’ to Tilburg. We’ll be rounding up ’22 at the Little Devil bar together with the ominous, cold sounds of Iskandr.

Get your tickets here

Doomstad News item

TivoliVredenburg, NMTH & Ekko present: Doomstad
Lo and behold… In exactly one month we’ll bring the low end to this fest of festering!
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Release Ex Est


Ex Est out now on Consouling Sounds

Building on our previous album: Dwaling, Ex Est moves away from the conceptual approach. Musically more aggressive and explosive than its predecessor, the songwriting has developed towards a more stand-alone song approach. It has been a burdened journey, exploring new ground, creating new storms and trying to find a safe harbor on wild seas.

The album title ‘Ex Est’ refers to the state after being. The realization that all that is, will someday not be. All is doomed to end up as a ruin of itself. Herein lies the search for meaning in existence, despite the realization that life itself is meaningless. Artist Manuel Tinnemans visualized this theme in the exclusive cover art accompanying this release.

Go here to get your copy.