GGU:LL – VAN GROND 10″ (Split with Terzij de horde)


Ggu:ll - Van Grond 10" (split with Terzij de Horde)
Released by Consouling Sounds, April 2023

A Melody, a riff, a hook, composition often starts here. Layering ideas and emotions, combining melodies and collaboratively forming a story. Underneath the intricately woven structures, drums are expected to give the foundation. Follow, or create, a rhythm, respond to shifts in tempo, define or explore boundaries of song and genre. Black and doom metal are sometimes just a snare’s strike apart.

During our shows together, we knew that we shared more than just a musical connection. There’s an approach to life, a desire to create and change. The two bands recording at the same time, at one point both only owning the foundation on which all other instruments still need to be laid. What if we were to create something new on the drum track of another song? Building from the bottom up. The floor plan is there, with no idea of the building itself. The stable ground is suddenly the listening framework within which to compose.

This new way forced the bands to work differently. Transitions that are reinterpreted. Drum fills elicit melodies. Tempo changes, which sound organic in the original context, cast themselves as stumbling blocks to be overcome. At a time were it was difficult to connect, this brought us all together. We were honored to present this at a one-off performance at Roadburn Festival 2022 and we are proud to release it on a 10".

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